Welcome to Wallpaper Master.

     Founded in 1990 Wallpaper Master has quickly established itself as a most trusted and skilled installer of a designer, custom and specialty wallpaper and wall coverings. From moderate to prominent retailers to high-end restaurants to premiere celebrity residences Yan has completed hundreds of wallpaper and wall coverings projects in collaboration with leading contractors and designers. He started his company in response to the need for the highly skilled installation of wallpapers and wall coverings that are demanding, complex and leave no margin for error. His standards, attention to detail and uncompromising customer service have earned Yan a reputation as the leading installer when perfect results are paramount. 

Over 25 years of experience.

     Yan has been installing residential and commercial wallpaper in Southern Ontario and the United States for over 25 years. His projects have included working with numerous designers and architects which have allowed him to appreciate how wallpaper can compliment the space. Yan is much more than the installer, as his attention to details can bring objectivity and integration that can optimize your installation. Balance, symmetry and total planning of the installation can help achieve excellence in the completion of his work. Currently, the wallpaper industry has been introducing some innovative prints, patterns, and textures. Your wallpaper installation will now become an investment in your home which will require the expertise of a professional, rather than attempted by a dabbler.

     Yan's wallpaper installation rates are fair and he can provide you with simple instructions for measurements, as well as wall preparation. If you prefer he can measure for wallpaper and prepare the wall for you as well. Just give him a call before you order your wallpaper. A subtle change or dramatic wall composition, his clients can expect satisfaction.